What Thiago Silva did by Chelsea bench gives another clue about his future

Thiago Silva is out injured, and there are some fears he has played his last game for Chelsea, given he’s already announced he’s leaving at the end of this season.

After the game today, there are videos of him in an empty Stamford Bridge, trying out sitting in the manager’s seats, or at least someone with him is. He’s always made his intentions of becoming a coach clear, and one day we’re sure he would love to be a Chelsea coach. He’s been doing his coaching badges, and his own manager Mauricio Pochettino suggested that might be an ideal future candidate.

“[Being with a young squad] is a good experience for him, and the kids also. If he wants to be a coach, he is experiencing a very good time,” the coach pointed out last month.

You can see the moment in the clip embedded here:

A love for the theatrical

There’s no denying the guy is emotional and likes a bit of a performance. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t truly mean it, and in fact it makes it every more enjoyable that he wants to put his love for the team on display a little. The video, this sort of thing: it matters to us that he cares to show it matters to him.

He has all the tools to be a top coach, and the funny thing is that his exceptionally advanced age for a player will actually serve him perfectly in instantly becoming a coach. He might actually be racing his young sons, currently in the academy’s junior groups.

It could be far sooner than one thinks – although he’ll have to get cracking on those English lessons. Then again, Pochettino managed with a translator for a year in his debut season in England! Perhaps he can share the number of a good tutor.

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