Why Chelsea owners are now confident of being an elite force in football

Chelsea’s owners have been in place as the new stewards of the club for two years now, almost to the day. But things have certainly been far from rainbows and sunshine during their tenure so far.

However, according to a report this week, they are now confident of being an ‘elite force in English/European Football.’

Sources: Chelsea looking at SIX goalkeeper targets for the summer with change incoming!

And the reason why they feel this way is down to the new head coach they are about to announce.

Enzo Maresca will be confirmed as the new Chelsea manager very soon and in fact, claims have been made that the expectation is that will be TODAY!

The MAresca appointment has been met with fear and frustration from many Chelsea fans. After all, this is a head coach who has only ever managed one full season in senior football and was sacked at Parma midway through a season, so of course there are going to be major concerns from the fan base and make no mistake, Chelsea are taking a huge risk with this appointment.

But according to Kieran Gill of The Daily Mail, Chelsea are confident they have found the man to establish them as an elite force in English/European Football for years to come.

That’s a VERY bold shout

Enzo Maresca ready to take the next step in his career

We’ve heard things like this before. I swear we heard things like this around the same time last summer when Mauricio Pochettino was about to be confirmed as the new Chelsea head coach after an apparently ‘exhaustive process.’ Chelsea clearly believed they had the right man there, but we all saw what happened last week and clearly he wasn’t that guy.

They clearly feel that once again they have their right man, but only time will tell whether they do or not.

There’s no doubt that Maresca is a top up and coming coach who’s football can be devastating, but it’s a MASSIVE risk.




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