Why Cole Palmer chose an ugly goal as his favourite of the season

Cole Palmer has done an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror tonight where he’s talked about his favourite goal for Chelsea this season.

In a way it was an obvious choice – the incredible 111th minute winner against Man U. But it was also one of the scrappiest goals of his all year, a defection off Scott McTominay.

“I like the United one probably just for pure emotion,” he mused when asked what his favourite of his 22 in the Premier League alone was.

His most signature goal was probably the one against Luton, where he rounded the keeper with an ice col roll of the ball. He says that was a direct inspiration of his shivering celebration:

“All my comments on Instagram were always saying cold, Cold Palmer and stuff like this so I did that celebration against Luton and it just stuck from there. I’ve got all the little kids coming up to me doing it. It makes me laugh to see the kids do it, they really enjoy it and so it’s a fun thing to do,” Palmer explained.

A phenomenal feat that will be hard to repeat

What Palmer did this season was utterly special, and fans should be realistic in their expectations for next season. Sometimes you see players have one of those games where everything they try comes off. Palmer has just had a whole season like that. There will be some natural regression, and expectations should be lowered a little.

People are very excited about Enzo Maresca coming in to manager Chelsea as he’s worked with Palmer before in Manchester City’s youth team. But realistically, what can Maresca do better than what Mauricio Pochettino did?

We can still expect hopefully years of special, special play from Palmer. But let’s not think he’s going to put up Lionel Messi numbers every season.

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