“Will not become the new coach of Chelsea” – Major player out of the race within hours

It’s only been a couple of hours since the announcement that Mauricio Pochettino has left Chelsea by mutual consent, and already the focus has turned to who might replace him.

The word from insiders like Ben Jacobs and Fabrizio Romano is that the owners want someone “dynamic” and “young”, and that seems to put Ipswich boss Keiran McKenna squarely in the frame. But he won’t be easy to land, and big field of possibilities will have to be established – just like last year.

One person who is already out of the race is Hansi Flick. The former Bayern Munich and Germany boss “will not become the new coach of Chelsea,” according to Florian Plettenberg, who is very well connected both at Bayern and in the Bundesliga in general.

He’s heard that from the “coach’s circle,” and we’re always inclined to trust Plettenberg’s exclusives when it comes to these specific areas. Flick is “focused on other projects.”

Not a top candidate

Flick’s name wasn’t mentioned among those names put out by Romano or Jacobs in the last few hours, so perhaps it’s no surprise to see him ruled out so early.

Perhaps the 59 year old is not considered “young” or “dynamic” enough to take this project forward. He certainly has seen his once incredibly bright star wane after a fairly disastrous spell with the German national team. He remains a figure whose name hovers around every vacant top tier club managerial position, but he doesn’t seem to have come too close to any of them.

He never felt a natural fit for us, so ruling him out of the race seems like something that can be done with some confidence. The priorities, apart from someone young, is a coach who will be “collaborative” with the owners. What that seems to mean is someone who will simply do what they’re told without putting up a fight.

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  1. These Chelsea owners should leave our club immediately because they are destroying everything that Roman had left for Chelsea.
    How can you sack manager who has just started to click and make future blight for us.
    He found us in 12position now we are going to play in Europe regardless of United winning but we are there so don’t you see that these people taking us behind.

    1. Correct, they must leave like yesterday, I never like our club to be owned by Americans,they’re so clueless when it comes to football.

      1. Clearly Chelsea’s American owners do not understand football. Their hasty, brash and ignorant approach to managing Chelsea has made them the laughing stock of the football world. Chelsea fans around the world know the next manager of Chelsea must have pedigree and a track record of success. Managers of teams like Ipswich or Brentford are a long way from managing Chelsea. If Tucel says he will take the job get him back pronto!

  2. They have done it again,first they sack thomas tuchel who won trophies for chelsea,and now the sack who brougth chelsea to europa league,all these new club owner and the chelsea sport directors are the people destroying chelsea

  3. The current Chelsea Management team headed by Todd Boehly is incompetent! They have made a lot of wrong decisions just in the space of two years! They are really hurting the team and the fans!

    Sacking Pochetino was complete madness ! Why sack a manager that has managed a bunch of young and inexperienced players from 13 in the table to 6? I don’t get it!!!

    Chelsea are going nowhere with these so called owners in charge! I don’t know what part of this they were when Chelsea was being managed by Roman, the Russian billionaire !!!

    Let Todd Boehly and his group release our team! They are not doing anything to improve situations at the club!!!

    Chelsea and it fans deserve better!!!!!!

  4. We want Todd Boehly and his incompetent management team leave Chelsea immediately. They are destroying our team with bad decisions!!!!

  5. Poch is the best manager. He’s done such an amazing job in one season. I’m sure we’d lift a number of trophies next season if he stayed.✍️ Chelsea is starting from zero again. Poor owners!! We love Poch .

  6. Todd Boehly and his partners came to destroy Chelsea . How can they sack Poch , Chelsea have a promising dangerous attack under Poch. They are such a shame , why don’t they have patience for just another season.

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