“Our commitment is to win” – Todd Boehly reiterates the ownership’s aims at Chelsea

Todd Boehly has once again reiterated that the ownership are committed to winning at Chelsea, following a difficult two years for the club.

Boehly and Clearlake Capital took over from Roman Abramovich just over two years ago, and it’s safe to say things haven’t exactly gone to plan.

Despite showing huge ambition in the transfer market and breaking the British record twice on Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo, results on the pitch simply haven’t been good enough.

Boehly: Our commitment is to win

Pretty much everything has changed from top to bottom at Chelsea since the takeover, and arguably too much has changed too quickly at the club.

The Blues have completely overhauled the squad and changed their transfer strategy, with the club now targeting the best young talent from around the world over established players in their prime.

They have tried to get a multi club model up and running, with the Blues acquiring French side Strasbourg, and they are looking to add more clubs to their portfolio.

Todd Boehly at Stamford Bridge.
Boehly has once again reiterated the ownership are at Chelsea to win.

Fans have become disillusioned with the ownership with many believing they are at Chelsea to make money rather than wanting to win.

Boehly once again reiterated that the ownership are here to win and they want to build something with “real staying power.”

“But obviously, our commitment is to win, right we’re here to win,” he told Bloomberg.

“Our perspective is: How do we build something that has real staying power like we have with the Dodgers?”

It’s all very well saying this, which in theory sounds great, but the reality is that after two years, Chelsea don’t seem much closer to challenging at the top of the league.

It’s great to future proof the club with these exciting young talents but that doesn’t help with the present day, and how the first team is going to improve.

What Chelsea desperately need is some experience and stability at the club, and only time will tell if the ownership will provide that.

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