€32.5m is a bargain for 19 goal contribution striker who is already playing for Germany

There’s always a few players who make an impact at an international tournament and end up getting a big move off the back of it, and this summer is unlikely to be an exception.

We’re sure there are going to be a few Romanian and Georgian stars snapped up from lesser known teams later in the summer – but what about from among the big boys?

One player we saw play for Germany in the opening game who we hadn’t known about previously was Max Beier, the Hoffenheim striker. Given Chelsea are looking for a young forward, he’d seem like an interesting option.

What makes him even more interesting is the €32.5m release clause in his contract. Top Bundesliga insider Christian Falk reported on our interest in his Daily Briefing.

The words of the oracle

“Chelsea FC is interested in German international Maximilian Beier from Hoffenheim. However, the player is not yet convinced about the change,” Falk explained.

“It is not the first club from England to be interested in Beier. Liverpool FC, Everton, Burnley and Brentford also always had him on the list. What makes him particularly attractive for England: Beier has a release clause of €32.5m. This is a high sum by German standards, but Premier League clubs can pay it much more easily.”

Beier could yet make a major impact on this tournament, especially if Germany get deep into it. But his numbers in the German top flight were impressive even before his international debut. He made 19 goal contributions in 33 games in the Bundesliga this season, all that without playing for one of the traditional big teams.

Given our moves for players like Jhon Duran seem to have fallen through, we’d pay a lot of attention to this story, which could spill over into serious interest very soon.

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