Enzo Maresca gives green light to “dead” transfer which is now done deal

A lot has changed since a week ago at Chelsea football club. Enzo Maresca has been secured as the new manager, and Tosin Adarabioyo as the coach’s first signing.

Not long ago, Maresca looked a distant third choice in the rankings for who the Blues might appoint, far behind the more trendy Kieran McKenna and the more established Thomas Frank. But the Italian got the job, and his appointment appears to have been important in the arrival of Tosin.

According to Simon Johnson’s piece on the transfer, which was announced as a completed deal by this club this morning, not long ago it was considered “dead” by those in charge at Chelsea. It felt like the free agent was going to go elsewhere, with tempting options including Newcastle able to offer a higher level of European football.

But Maresca’s arrival looks to have swung things. Johnson’s article points out that they briefly overlapped at Man City, and those few months appear to have counted for a lot. “It gave Chelsea a stronger pitch,” as did Joe Shields’ (who had a longer spell with Adarabioyo in Manchester) presence.

Tosin Adarabioyo holding a shirt up outside Cobham.

A “perfect fit” for manager and player

Maresca knows he only has limited say in which players come and go – his job depends on it, as we’ve just found out from the departure of Mauricio Pochettino. But he’s allowed to give a green light, and most importantly, players are able to consider whether they like the prospect of playing for him.

This feels like a good style match: “Tosin’s on-ball credentials make him a perfect fit. Maresca, who was consulted about the signing, wants to build out from the back and that style relies on defenders who are comfortable in possession.”

Let’s hope all this breathless excitement proves to be valid!

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