Enzo Maresca will try to copy Mauricio Pochettino with this player’s action in next weeks

Most major transfer business among the top European sides won’t be concluded until after the Euros, which kick off next Friday. That means we’re now stuck in a bit of a void period between the end of last season and the start of the action in Germany.

Stories are floating around for sure, but there’s unlikely to be anything too jaw dropping until the trophy is lifted in Berlin. Until then, it’s more to do with getting strategies outlined and tying up the loose ends of last season. In Chelsea’s case, that means dealing with the aftermath of an injury crisis and a manager change.

One player who won’t want a repeat of last season, and will be using this summer to try and turn his fortunes in London around, is Christopher Nkunku.

The attack has been linked with shocking moves away from Chelsea in recent days, as a relationship which has yet to blossom looks under strain. Our writer Simon Phillips is here to soothe the nerves today though he says that “it is true Chelsea have had enquiries coming in… for a few weeks now.”

But that doesn’t matter. Chelsea “were not interested in selling him, and it is he same stance now.”

Christopher Nkunku blows a balloon.

How Nkunku fits

In this game-less period, one of the big questions we’re left pondering is how Nkunku will fit in to Enzo Maresca’s plan for this time. The friendlies that come post-Euros will be fascinating, and the fact that the attacker hasn’t been called up by France means he should be attending from day one of preseason, giving the new coach plenty of time to figure out what he’s got on his hands.

Mauricio Pochettino was able to get great moments out of the mercurial attacker right from the start last summer – only to see him taken away by injury in the final moments of preseason. Let’s hope Maresca can get a similar instant tune out of him this time around.

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