“Fall in love” – Head of academy says new Chelsea signing is best ‘since Neymar’

A current head of academy has said that one new Chelsea signing is the best to come out of his country since Neymar, in some real words of praise this week.

Chelsea have announced another young new signing this weekend, and the excitement has really been building for this new arrival.

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Estevao Willian can not join Chelsea until he turns 18 next summer, but already the hype train for him is in full steam ahead.

He is highly rated in his home country in Brazil, so much so that they are saying he’s the best player to come out of the country since Neymar.

Praise for Estevao

Best thing since Neymar!

Head of Palmeiras’ academy, Joao Paulo Sampaio has been full of praise for the 17-year-old winger this week as his move to Chelsea was confirmed.

Estevao of course will still be playing for Palmeiras next season until he can officially join Chelsea as a player, so Blues fans will be fully invested in what he is up to.

It certainly sounds like there is a top player there with a top mentality.

“Estevao is the best player to have emerged from Brazilian football since Neymar,” Paulo Sampaio told BBC. “You watch him and you fall in love.

“When we won the 2022 U-17 Brazilian Championship title, Estevao ended up breaking one of his toes during a decisive game.

“But even so he still didn’t want to leave [the game], so he came to me at HT saying, ‘I’ll go back for the 2nd half’. And I challenged him: ‘You better go back.’

“And so he had a painkilling injection in his toe and told me, ‘I’ll go back, score a goal and look for you in the stands to shush you.’ That’s how strong he is mentally.”


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