“Feel it” – Cesc Fabregas questions national team manager’s use of Chelsea star

England began their Euros campaign last night over in Germany against Serbia, and they got off to a winning start going away with a 1-0 deficit.

There was Chelsea involvement, with Conor Gallagher coming off the bench in the second half to help England see the game out – but that there is your problem.

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Gareth Southgate is a very reserved and defensive manager who is often scared to go on the offensive, and his setup is often reflective of that. This means top offensive players such as Cole Palmer miss out. And due to Southgate being a lame tactical manager, Palmer was robbed of his Euros debut last night as Southgate cowardly looked to play out for the 1-0 win.

Serbia were all over them in the second half and England had no control – something that Palmer would have given them if he came on.

Fabregas already showing he’s got better tactical knowledge than Southgate

Criminal that Cole Palmer was left on the bench

Cesc Fabregas was in the studio for the game, and he was talking sense after the game, showing his knowledge is already better than Southgate’s.

Fabregas said: “If you send the message in putting in a defensive midfielder or an extra defender to cover the result, you will as a player feel it. Mentally you start going back, dropping more. But instead if you put an offensive player, Palmer let’s say, up the pitch and controlling the ball in the final third, I think the players get so much more comfortable.”

He’s hit the nail on the head there. But unfortunately Southgate doesn’t see things that way and would much rather try and see the game out. He was just very lucky that Serbia didn’t get the goal that they actually deserved to get, and Jordan Pickford made a few big saves to keep England ahead.


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  1. No matter how England plays, they are not going anywhere. Mark my word. There’s nothing to offer and that’s how is going to continue.

    1. This England team is as usual overrated and does not seem to have much to offer as we saw from the first match yesterday. Southgate has no idea of what to do under pressure. Serbia was just unlucky to be a late comer into the game as seen in the second 1/2

  2. Yup, bringing on Gallagher and, even more so Bowen, was the wrong move. England struggled under Serbia’s press the entire second half and the game was crying out for a player comfortable with the ball in tight spaces and able to play through pressure. Every opponent will have watched Southgate’s inability to address the problem and will no doubt adopt Serbia’s tactics. Meanwhile, Palmer has to be left feeling like the manager doesn’t trust him (because why on Earth have Gallagher and Bowen come on ahead of him???).

    1. England has never leant the lessons of ‘Total football’ which revolutionized football since 1970.The probability of a defensive team beating an attacking team is about one to ten.

  3. England was the nation that introduced professionalism into soccer.However,England has never leant three lessons which happened with Ferenc Puskas and Hungary in 1953,Brazil and Pele in 1970,and cryruff and ‘Total football’in 1974.The probability of success of a defensive team wining any Tournament has been reduced to one to ten.

  4. What the England Manager displayed yesterday shows that he doesn’t understand his players individually. He doesn’t know what each player is capable of doing on the pitch. He made a lot of wrong substitutions of players when the match was going on, a player who can change the game, who can subdue the pressure, and tackle the Serbian dominance was left on the bench. I can bet it with anybody if England continues like this, they are going nowhere. The manager must select a perfect player for each position on the field. He must study very well the game before making any substitution. I believe by doing this, England will go far. They have a good number of players in the team. I wish him the best of luck.

  5. Cole Palmer’s not as good as all that. Unproven at international level, it reads as completely daft to baldly state that he would come into an important match and miraculously ‘control the game’.
    Durr… there’s twenty-one other players – most of them better than him – on the pitch all trying to do exactly that already!

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