“Identity is different now” – Salomon Kalou speaks on how current Chelsea has changed

Former Chelsea winger Salomon Kalou has spoken out about the current Chelsea and how different it is now compared to when he was at the club.

Kalou became a big of a cult hero amongst the Chelsea fan base in the terraces due to his tenacity, mentality, and passion that he played with.

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He was never going to be the best player on the pitch, but he would always dig in for the cause and was also always a threat in attack with his pace and direct style of play – this is what really made him loved amongst the fan base.

Kalou speaks out

The now 38-year-old has been speaking to London World this morning, and he has some positive words to say and also some very smart words to say on Chelsea.

Kalou said: “Of course, they will [get back to the level we competed at]. It goes full circle, every big team goes around in a circle every ten years. You see today, big teams like Barcelona are struggling, but they’re going to come back because they’re a big club.

“When you’re a big club, and you establish yourself as a big club, it might take you a couple of years to get back to your level, but you eventually get there. I believe Chelsea will get back to their level – they need time. When you’re building something, you’re starting from scratch, so it’s going to be hard to be ready in one, two, three years. You need at least five-ten years, but I believe Chelsea will get back to their level.

“Every team has its identity, that’s for sure. Chelsea’s identity is different now. But, it’s the direction the club took. They need to back the new manager.”

It is great to hear his refreshing take.

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