(Image): What new Chelsea transfer did which got Blues fans crazy after another goal

Chelsea announced yesterday their deal for Estevao Willian, the exciting Brazilian teenager they’ve chased all summer. He will remain with his current team until he’s 18, and part of the deal involves Palmeiras getting bonuses when he does well for them.

This is a clever way of incentivising them to play him, and it worked out last night as he scored another goal, a superb ranged strike.

To celebrate, he used Cole Palmer’s “cold” celebration, a great nod to his new home.

You can see the celebration compared to Palmer’s in the image embedded here:


Estevao Willian celebrates like Cole Palmer.

It’s only a small thing, but it means something to Chelsea fans. We like to see a player who is excited about coming to join us, and when it’s a player as talented as Estevao, it means even more.

Now it’s just a matter of counting the months (and goals) until we see him in Blue…

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