Insider explains why explosive winger perfect for the Premier League can’t come to Chelsea

Athletic Bilbao winger Nico Williams has been getting better and better, but it was only this season that he really exploded, and his bright start at the Euros is already getting him linked with top teams ahead of a likely summer move.

He’s so explosive, but with all the technique to match that speed and power. It’s easy to imagine him fitting perfectly into the Premier League.

Chelsea’s name has been in the mix, but it looks very unlikely that we’re able to buy him, as Matteo Moretto explained in his exclusive for Fabrizio Romano’s Daily Briefing.

Nico Williams playing for Athletic Bilbao.

The truth about why Chelsea deal won’t happen

“Nico Williams is a target that, because of his price tag, is almost impossible for Chelsea. I’m told that they have ruled him out due to the economics of the deal. For Barcelona it will be very difficult, because he has the release clause of €58m, then with taxes, that could be as much as nearly €60m,” Moretto wrote.

“The release clause has a payment structure that does not make a deal easier either. Williams is a player that is out of reach for Chelsea, and very difficult for Barcelona. It’s true that he would like to continue in Spain, and he has a lot of friends at Barcelona, but the finances will be crucial.”

Well it’s a real pity, but it’s no different to what we’ve expected and what we’ve reported. We desperately wish that we’d gone for Williams instead of Mudryk back in January 2022, when the Basque would have been available for so much less than the Ukrainian. But we’ve committed vast resources to Mudryk and others now, and we have to try and make the best of it without sitting here regretting the moves we should have made.

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