Manager name drops Todd Boehly and says they are “part of the Chelsea family”

One manager has named dropped Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly and has said that they are now “part of the Chelsea family” in some latest comments.

Some big things are happening at Chelsea right now, and the owners have some big plans to expand and build a real football empire.

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It seems the Chelsea owners have taken inspiration from the likes of The City Group, who own Manchester City and other clubs, as well as the likes of Red Bull Group, who own Leipzig and Salzburg. It is a multi-club model, and this is what Chelsea want to build and are in the process of building.

They have formed BlueCo, to be the company who owns the selection of clubs, with Chelsea being the main club under the umbrella. French side Strasbourg are of course also under that umbrella.

Their fans though have been quite vocal against BlueCo and have seemingly been quite unhappy about their ownership of their club, with protests happening on more than one occasion lately.

Strasbourg manager says they are all part of the Chelsea family

Patrick Vieira speaks as Strasbourg boss

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira is the manager at Strasbourg, and it must have been difficult for him to say these latest quotes considering his Arsenal affiliation!

But he’s been keen to stress the positivity of being owner by BlueCo and says that they are all part of the Chelsea family.

Vieira told the Stick To Football Podcast: “Now one of the owners is Todd Boehly, so we are part of the Chelsea family. The ambition is to play European football in the next three years. Of course, coming from this year, there is a big turn of young players, and this year was challenging and difficult – we struggled and went through some difficult periods.

“Hopefully, we will keep our best young players, we’re going to try and improve the team and try to finish in the top 10 next year. Then, why not play European football in two years’ time from now?”

Sounds familiar, right!?


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