Pundit: Chelsea man has x-factor and you wouldn’t want to play against him after top cameo

There was more international games played out last night as the Euros and Copa America continues. And of course, there was Chelsea involvement as there so often is.

Enzo Fernandez played for Argentina in their 1-0 win against Chile, and Conor Gallagher started for England in their 0-0 draw against Slovenia.

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The England game was very boring to be honest, and Gallagher was actually taken off at half time after a poor 45 really. The majority of the England players were poor though and have been all tournament so far.

But Gareth Southgate, who has been even worse, finally gave some minutes to Chelsea’s Cole Palmer after ignoring him for the first two games. Palmer only had 20 minutes in the second half, but it was a super impressive cameo.

Roy Keane impressed with Palmer

Palmer had an impressive England cameo

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane was a pundit for ITV and was raving about Palmer after the game.

As cited on X, Keane said: “You wouldn’t want to play against Cole Palmer. We knew when he came on we’d be talking about him. Every time he gets the ball you think something is going to happen.

“The one I’m always excited to watch is [Cole] Palmer, he always has that x-factor. I know we were wondering why he didn’t come on in that first or second game, but every time he gets the ball it looks like something is going to happen.

“He’s so unpredictable, he can beat a man, go left or right. A lot of brilliant players affect the game, when he came on, you knew he was going to affect the game. Every time he got it, we were looking at him. I’m hard to impress and I’m thinking ‘something is going to happen’. Every time he gets the ball you think something is going to happen…

“He will think he should be in that starting XI. He won’t think ‘I’m learning and I’m glad to be here’. He will be looking at Gareth, like the big personalities do, thinking ‘get me out there’.”


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