Sources say Chelsea need elite striker to do this one thing to keep transfer dream alive

Chelsea’s striker situation is ever evolving, and perspectives have changed hugely since a year ago.

When Nicolas Jackson was signed a year ago, the idea was that he would likely be the raw prospect to develop behind an elite player who would arrive later in the summer. But that elite player never arrived. We made it through the season with just Jackson leading the line, and he impressed enough that expectations changed. By this summer, the plan was to just bring in a backup or alternative for him.

The talk of Victor Osimhen or Viktor Gyokeres had changed, with younger and more raw prospects even than Jackson now in the frame.

But it seems even players like Jhon Duran are beyond our price range. There is still one really Premier League experienced option out there though – Dom Solanke from Bournemouth.

On his Substack today, our writer Simon Phillips explained a little about the situation there and how likely Chelsea are to be able to sign him.

Dominic Solanke battles for the ball.

The status quo as striker considers his options

“Dominic Solanke… things have been happening here, although our sources still maintain nothing is advanced,” Phillips wrote.

“But he’s absolutely seriously being considered, I’ve heard from yet another source last night that Solanke is a name mentioned to them too. It’s a unanimous report now from SPTC sources. Let’s see if anything goes any further.

“Last we heard was that Bournemouth do not wish to let Chelsea pay the release clause in instalments, and maybe it does end there. But there’s always room for negotiations in these things, and Chelsea would look for the player to push. Solanke is open to a return. Again, nothing advanced, but certainly something going on there, there’s just far too much noise for it to be absolutely nothing in it.”

It’s an interesting setup – it seems if Solanke is willing to push to leave, it may just force the Cherries’ hand.

We’ll be watching this one closely. Maybe there is still a chance for an elite striker?

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