“The club changed” – Enzo Fernandez seems unhappy with Chelsea’s decision

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez appears to be a bit frustrated with a decision that the club have made recently, so much so he has spoken publicly about it.

Enzo missed the end of last season with Chelsea due to having surgery on an injury that was bothering him pretty much the entire season.

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The midfielder is currently away at Copa America now playing for Argentina, and this was part of the reason that he wanted to get the surgery done whilst Chelsea’s season was still ongoing, rather than waiting until the end of the season. If he had done that then he would have not been able to represent his country in Copa America.

Argentina also wanted to call him up for the Olympics which is on a bit later in the summer, but naturally, Chelsea did not want him to play Copa America AND the Olympics after missing the end of the season with them, and risking further chances of injuries and fatigue by playing so much football over the summer.

Enzo seems a bit unhappy

Enzo wanted to play at the Olympics

Judging by his words below, and it can always be hard to tell by quotes alone, but it is my opinion that Enzo seems a little frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to go and play at the Olympics, mentioning that former manager Mauricio Pochettino had already said it would be OK for him to play there.

Pochettino has gone now and Enzo Maresca is in place as the new head coach, and as cited by The Evening Standard, Enzo said on that:

“I did everything possible to be at the Olympics,” Fernandez told TYC Sports in Argentina. “Pochettino had given me the okay, there was a change of manager and the club changed its stance.

“I did everything possible to be there, I apologise to Masche [Mascherano], I wanted to be there, hopefully another time it will happen.”

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  1. Chelsea should not condone any rubbish from any player after spending so much on them they now want to play much for their country instead of their club that pays them very well

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