(Video): Chelsea star tries to play it cool when asked about his favourite goals

Noni Madueke is the latest Chelsea player to be lined up for some end of season content.

He was asked to talk about some of his highlights of the campaign just gone, including that special strike against Leicester in the FA Cup. His favourite goal, interestingly, was a penalty rather than the more impressive efforts. What mattered there was the 3 points, and Madueke’s cool head made sure we got them.

He’s a funny character – he tries to retain this too cool for school attitude, but you can see the smile breaking out as he remembers the best moments from this season gone by.

Just embrace it Noni! We all want to see you happy and confident. After a strong end to the season, he will be hoping to impress his new coach and keep hold of his starting role next season.

You can see Noni speaking in the clip embedded here:

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