What Chelsea told Jadon Sancho’s agents as they tried to push transfer

Jadon Sancho’s links to Chelsea surprised a lot of people this week after they surfaced on Simon Phillips’ Substack.

Our writer then went into more detail on the blog today to explain it all in a little more detail:

The 24-year-old, who has been on loan at Dortmund, is looking to make a move away from United this summer, and his agent has been reaching out to clubs to see what interest there is in his client,” Phillips explained.

Sources have heard that Chelsea politely told Sancho’s agents that they would not be looking to make a move at the moment and didn’t see him as ‘the right fit.’

It seems pretty clear that Chelsea wont be looking to try and sign Sancho, unless they have a change of heart of course, which has happened before and will happen again.

Sancho’s agents are working hard to find him another club, and the expectation is that he will leave Old Trafford this summer regardless. Chelsea are focusing on other names at the moment, even though they are looking for a new winger.”

Agents trying to talk up their client

If anything, all of this sounds like Sancho’s agents and representatives getting his name out there to try and create some interest.

After a disappointing spell at Manchester United, the incredible hype that made him so highly regarded has evaporated entirely, and even an improved spell on loan with Borussia Dortmund hasn’t done much to restore his reputation.

There’s just no way Chelsea are serious interested in the 24 year old. He’s too old and too expensive for this model, even ignoring the fact that he proved in his first spell in the Premier League that he just doesn’t have the explosiveness to thrive as a winger in the top flight of the English game in the modern day.

As Phillips says, Chelsea “are” looking for a new winger – but we’d be shocked if it was Sancho.

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