Chelsea “do not want to sell” youngster who could be loaned to France or Germany this year

The Athletic’s update of the transfer situation of various clubs in the Premier League is always worth a read, and there’s some really juicy Chelsea stuff in there today.

Most of it we’ve already kept you very up to date with as it happened, but there is new information included too. One topic is the players who will be loaned out this season, including one rather forgotten name – Alex Matos.

The young midfielder is apparently someone Chelsea “do not want to sell” and they will instead “look to send him on a season long loan.”

Last season he spent time at Huddersfield, where he did well despite the Terriers’ struggles. Now that interest has apparently expanded – as well as Championship teams, there’s also apparently interest from “France’s Ligue 1 and the German Bundesliga.”

We’re not surprised – once a player has played some games in senior football and there’s footage of them playing for scouts to watch, interest always seems to increase.

Matos can come in off the rail as a dark horse and a bright star

Matos wasn’t someone we were thinking a lot about at the start of last season, but he ended up really impressing in the youth team and then on loan with Huddersfield in the Championship. We’re glad to read that Chelsea don’t want to sell him, and we’re curious about where he ends up.

He’s got a really interesting profile, and we’re curious how he would get on in a top flight abroad. However, as always the most important thing is that he plays every week. There’s also a sense that the Championship really suited his blood and thunder style, and it might actually be beneficial for him to stay at that level where he’s more comfortable.

He called his loan at Huddersfield a “great experience” and it wouldn’t be at all shocking to see him make a similar move a second time.

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