Enzo Maresca’s promises about potential possession-heavy style are very interesting for fans

We had really started to be mystified by what Chelsea’s PR strategy was with new coach Enzo Maresca.

This time a year ago we were being carpet bombed with smiley Mauricio Pochettino content. This time, you’d have been forgiven for not knowing who the new boss was. There was barely a mention of him on social media post the announcement of his appointment.

The team returned to training at the start of last week, and Maresca had been working in the offices at Cobham for some time before that. Yet there still wasn’t a peep from anyone.

Finally today the big one dropped however, and there’s plenty to get our teeth into.

Enzo Maresca in the dressing room.

What to note from his big chat with the website

One thing that fans are curious about is Maresca’s style of play. He’s from the Pep Guardiola coaching tree, as they say in America, and has been expected to bring that with him to Stamford Bridge.

But when asked about that, he rather dodged the question, and certainly didn’t commit when given the chance to promise one style or another:

“You enjoyed great success last season with Leicester City playing with a particular approach, how important is that to you?,” the coach was asked.

“I think every manager has their own idea or style. Mine is quite clear. Last year was very good but that is finished. It’s a new chapter, a new squad and a new club. I’m very happy to be here.”

So it seems he’s promising to adapt to the squad, while keeping his own style. That’s hopeful – there have been some concerns about the makeup of this group and how they will suit his style, so it’s a relief that he won’t be totally dogmatic from day one. As always, results have to come first, certainly if he wants to keep his job.

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