Former Chelsea player slams “bizarre” £25m Chelsea deal, has suggestion for best replacement

Frank Leboeuf has been on the warpath today with all kinds of interesting commentary on Chelsea’s current situation.

As we know he takes no prisoners, and when he turned his ire on the situation in goal for his old team, he didn’t see much to like.

“Chelsea signing Robert Sanchez was bizarre and a mystery. Kepa was a huge mistake,” the former Blues defender said.

It’s hard to follow in Petr Cech’s lead and I’m afraid I just do not believe Sanchez, Kepa or Petrovic are good enough to play at the level that Chelsea need.”

He even had a suggestion as to whom might be the ultimate option for the Blues in a dream world:

“Mike Maignan would be an excellent signing for Chelsea. I’d drive him to Stamford Bridge myself if I could.”

Mike Maignan celebrates a save.

The truth hurts

It’s brutal, but it’s true, and it pretty perfectly sums up Chelsea’s goalkeeping situation. When someone gets it this spot on, you know they’ve been paying attention.

Kepa Arrizabalaga was a disaster of unmitigated proportions, and has been a lead weight hanging from the neck of this club for the years since he was signed. The fact that they didn’t bite the bullet and just take a loss early on has only made things worse.

But perhaps even more confusing than buying him (he was at least highly rated when we did that) was trying to replace him last summer with Sanchez (a player who was no longer even first choice for Brighton) and Petrovic, who was playing in MLS.

If you want to be a top team you need a top goalkeeper, and none of these guys look like they have the potential to be anything more than simply solid at best. The sooner we realise that the sooner we can move on.

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