(Image) New pictures of Chelsea home shirt emerge with kit set to go on sale soon

New pictures have emerged on social media of Chelsea’s home shirt for the upcoming season which is set to go on sale soon.

For the second season running the Blues will release their new kits late, with many clubs having already launched their shirts.

Chelsea are yet to sort out a front of shirt sponsor and there remains the possibility the club could start the season with sponsorless shirts for the second consecutive campaign.

Fans have been waiting patiently for the new shirt, and leaks have emerged online which have proven to be pretty accurate.

Chelsea Uruguay on X.com have seemingly got hold of some official images of the kit and have posted them online stating it will go on sale soon.

I have to say it’s not one of Nike’s finest efforts, and whilst the orange trim on the sleeves and around the badge is a nice touch the swirling patterns on the shirt don’t look great and are honestly a bit of an eye sore.

However, there is a chance that in person and on the players it could look better and plenty of fans will no doubt be wearing it next season.

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