News of a huge Chelsea restructure surfaces that will shock many Blues fans

Some news of a big Chelsea restructure came out late on Wednesday night that will shock and even annoy many Blues fans this week.

The new ownership have come in and have been making wholesale changes across the whole club for the last couple of years, and some of those changes have been very big. This next change, is going to be huge.

Sources: Chelsea readying potential move again for Premier League and England striker!! 👀

Neil Bath is a hugely popular figure at Chelsea amongst the fan base for the work he has done on making the Cobham youth academy one of the biggest and best in world football. But he is now set to leave the club, according to multiple reports last night.

Bath is well loved by Chelsea fans after being a long-stay at the club since his arrival in 2024. But alongside Bath as well, who stepped into the role of head of youth development and recruitment last year.

News will not be well received

Neil Bath and Jim Fraser leaving Chelsea

Chelsea fans will be annoyed and shocked by this news and will be gutted to be losing such a high profile and well respected figure within the club, one who has become part of the furniture at Cobham for so long.

It will send shockwaves around Cobham as well with many of the current players and previous players having good relations with Bath and Fraser.

But Chelsea will now look at this as a good reason to make some more big changes and restructure the setup within the academy, and bring in some top replacements and new faces within Cobham.

The Guardian report the story, and they also say that Joe Shields is in contention for a senior role in Chelsea’s revamped academy setup.

Shields already seems to be well-liked by Chelsea fans, so him taking up a senior role here will go down well.



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