“On their list” and “informal contact” – Chelsea keep another striker ready for late transfer

Chelsea are motoring through this summer with some brisk business, but one thing which hasn’t been concluded is the situation up front.

We’ve got Nicolas Jackson and we’re happy with him, but no backup has yet been secured. It seems that players like Jhon Duran are being scouted, and the outlines of what it would take to sign them are being figured out, but that after that we’re waiting to see how things go down in terms of our sales, and in terms of what the manager feels after a few weeks of preseason.

We’ve got Marc Guiu and Christopher Nkunku to back up Jackson, and there’s still a chance we go into this season with them as our only options. However we are going to keep lots of deals warm just in case.

Another iron in the fire

That theory is perfectly backed up by what Florian Plettenberg is saying about Karim Adeyemi. The Dortmund striker has been mentioned as a target before, but not with much intensity.

It sounds very much to us like he’s another one that the sporting directors are putting on the maybe pile, along with Duran, ready to be swooped for later in the summer should it become clear that another body up front is important.

Top German insider Plettenberg claims that “Chelsea have Karim Adeyemi on their list,” and that there was “some informal contact weeks ago.”

Clearly things didn’t get as advanced as they did with Duran, where we shaped the outline of a deal with Villa, but without doubt Adeyemi is one of the potential targets we’ll consider swooping for later in the window. It doesn’t seem like any other teams are pushing hard for him at the moment, so we’re in the clear to keep him on the back burner for now.

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