“The fans were attacking us” – Moises Caicedo prefers to play away due to Chelsea fans

Moises Caicedo has opened up about Chelsea fans ‘attacking’ the Blues players last season and as a result, he admits that he prefers to play away from Stamford Bridge.

There are some eye opening quotes going around this week from the Chelsea midfielder, who has also spoken some home truths on Mauricio Pochettino and his methods, saying that he found it difficult.

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The former Brighton player had a tough start to his Chelsea career and took a while to settle into things. But once he found his feet he soon showed some very good consistency and what he can offer, becoming very important to this Blues side.

But it was a tense and toxic first part of the season for Chelsea on the whole, and the fans became really disgruntled with performances and results and of course, they weren’t afraid to show that at games.

Caicedo felt attacked by Blues fans

Chelsea’s fans attacked Caicedo and other players, are the words used by the midfielder when explaining how hard it was at the beginning of his Blues career.

In words that have been picked up and duly translated on X this week, Caicedo said: “At the beginning of the season some of us (players) were getting attacked because we weren’t doing well and the fans were attacking us. It was hard for me because I preferred to play away than at home because the (Chelsea) fans were attacking me.”

It’s really not a comfortable read going through those quotes and the fact he says fans were ‘attacking’ him is not great at all.

I think fans will always offer critique and have a right to as well, paying hard-earned money to go and follow their team week in week out. But when that criticism turns to angry abuse is when things just get detrimental to all involved, as shown by these latest words from Caicedo.



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