“Untouchable” striker and 18 year old could yet be Chelsea’s main strikers claims Romano

Our writer Simon Phillips has been listening to the Fabrizio Romano podcast so you don’t have to, and he’s picked up on some interesting info.

The legendary insider was talking about Chelsea’s search for a striker, which has gone very quiet since the end of the season, when there was all sorts of chatter about all sorts of targets.

Right now, there’s nothing happening at all, and Romano’s explanation is that the commitment to our existing options is pretty deep.

That lines up with the feelings we’ve had – while Nicolas Jackson was brought in as a good value option, he proved his value through the season and is now considered good enough to be first choice. The task has flipped from upgrading on him to finding a good alternative.

Marc Guiu and Nicolas Jackson in a montage.

How Romano sees Jackson’s situation

Romano claimed that Jackson is “considered currently untouchable by Chelsea,” who still want a striker and a right footed winger as their priority targets for the summer in attack.

As well as Jackson, who settled in so well and showed great potential in his first year, there’s clearly a lot of faith in new man Marc Guiu too.

“Important to say, Chelsea believe Guiu can cover striker position very well in the future,” Romano added.

The “in the future” part is interesting – does that hint at a loan for Guiu now? Does it indicate he’s not ready to play backup this season? He’s only 18 and still very inexperienced, it would be a huge ask. But equally, if Jackson is ready to be number one and Christopher Nkunku can be number 2, Guiu wouldn’t have to play too much, and could be saved for cup games and as a sub.

Our intentions for the Catalan kid will become clear through preseason we suppose, and any attempt to sign another striker will tell us a lot about how the club feel about him.

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  1. I think Chelsea does not have to sign the striker at this window period. We have Nkunku,Nicholas and the young kit, Guiu who would also like to be given a chance to prove to the coach and fans that he deserves to get some minutes in the field,so…….signing another striker might cause some discomfort in the team because Chelsea has acquired the services of young players and they all want game time otherwise the coach might end up loosing control of the dressing room.

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