(Video): A small factor became vital in Michael Olise decision explains insider

Ben Jacobs was on the London is Blue podcast yesterday, where he made an interesting point about Michael Olise.

He says that part of the winger’s decision to choose Bayern Munich over Chelsea was the fact that they would allow him to play at the Olympics in Paris this summer.

Chelsea had already blocked some of their senior players from going to the tournament, and couldn’t be seen to be bending the rules for Olise, who had been told by Crystal Palace and then Bayern that he could go.

It seems that it played a part in Olise’s decision – although one would imagine Bayern’s general standing and record played a huge part, assuming the wages on offer were similar in both cases.

So this unusual factor could have really affected the future of a potentially world class player. It’s amazing how football works sometimes.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here, with this answer coming after 25 minutes:

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