(Video): “Everyone knows” – Cole Palmer speaks on others doing his goal celebration

Cole Palmer has spoken out on many other players now copying his goal celebration recently and in particular, Morgan Rodgers doing it.

Palmer burst onto the scene for Chelsea last season and has become a real talisman there. He started doing the ‘COLD’ Palmer celebration last season, and now it has really taken off with many other players now doing it.

Sources: Chelsea readying potential move again for Premier League and England striker!! 👀

Rodgers was one, as was pending new Chelsea players Estevao Willian and Kendry Paez.

Palmer reminds people who did it first


As you can see above, Palmer has reminded us all that it is his celebration and he did it first, in response to a question about Rodgers doing it.

Palmer was very relaxed when asked about Estevao and Paez doing it as well, and says it is nice to see it, as seen below here…


Palmer is a funny lad! And so laid back he’s almost horizontal!



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  1. All the england players are exceptional when playing in their different teams. But they’re not when playing with each other. Cole Palmer is a rare breed. What he did at Chelsea won’t be repeated in a hurry. How he plays is enjoyable to watch. And what he does is magic. He’s not a fluke, he’s the real McCoy. He does more than play, he works miracles. Its his time. Lets just enjoy his journey.

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