(Video): New Chelsea’s signing’s secret weapon helps him be a great midfielder

Chelsea signed Renato Veiga this week, totally out of the Blue. People barely knew who the youngster was, let alone that we were interested in him.

That meant a lot of people scrabbling to find out more, and nobody did a better job of assessing his abilities than CFCCentral, who went on the London is Blue podcast with a full scouting report.

He picked out one aspect of the Portugal youth international’s game that he really likes, and the stats to back it up. It’s probably part of the skill set which allows Veiga to play in central midfield as well as at full back or centre back, and that versatility has been a keen part of why Chelsea chose to sign him.

We can’t wait to see him showing it off at Stamford Bridge.

You can see the explanation of the strength of the new signing in the clip embedded here:

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