(Video): Striker completes his grandfather’s dream with move to Stamford Bridge

Last summer it was Moises Caicedo’s mum, this summer it’s Marc Guiu’s granddad.

Chelsea’s social media team are going hard on the family angle to create an immediate personal connection with new players – and it works well. Here we’ve got an introduction to new Chelsea striker Guiu, signed today from Barcelona, with his granddad who has been his inspiration in football.

Guiu senior apparently always predicted that his grandson would play in the Premier League, and now their joint dream is coming true.

“All the times we played football and laughed and trained hard is what kept me going,” Guiu said.

His grandfather was a player too but had to retire early. He poured all of his energy into training young Marc, and it’s paid off handsomely, with a dream move to the Premier League at age 18. Let’s hope he can make his granddad proud with a long and successful career over here.

You can see the full video interview with the pair embedded here:


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