(Video): “Very fresh eh?” – Enzo Maresca steps out for day two at Cobham

Chelsea manager Enzo Maresca has stepped out for his second training session at Cobham today, at least his second official session with the majority of players back.

Maresca has been at Cobham since last Monday getting to work, and some of the players were also back then too. But the majority joined them all yesterday, with others still filtering back in and some more to come with some of the international players out representing their countries so far.

Sources: Chelsea signing smart is not forced or new, but missing out on UCL was a big stumble – Inside Chelsea 👀

The hard work begins now ahead of Chelsea’s first pre-season friendly against Wrexham in just over two weeks time now.

Maresca finding it fresh

We’re having terrible weather for July in the UK, and Maresca is feeling it!

As you can hear and see in the video above, Maresca commented how fresh it is today as he steps out to take training on day two. I guess he’s Italian so he’s used to warmer weather, event though he’s been working in the UK for a while now!


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