What Tammy Abraham did in the academy that made his coach realise he was going to be a star

It seems obvious now that Tammy Abraham was always going to be a star in the Premier League.

He scored tons of goals for Bristol City as a teenager, then tons more last year with Aston Villa, again in the Championship. Who would ever have doubted him? Well, quite a lot actually.

Plenty said he was just a Championship level striker who was never going to be able to make the step up, and they’ve been saying similar things throughout his career.

In a really in depth feature on the Daily Mail website, they run through all of Tammy’s history from a kid to his England bow this week. One person they speak to is Michael Beale, a former youth coach of Tammy’s who mentions how he used to “celebrate goals [in the academy] like he scored the winner in the Premier League.”

Well that can’t have been too much fun for the defender he was up against – especially considering he scored 74 goals in 98 youth games. That’s a LOT of celebrations.

But showing that kind of passion and natural love for scoring… that’s what makes a top striker. When he’s out there for England this week, let’s hope he gets to celebrate wildly again.

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