“What?! He was with us!” – Petr Cech opens up on “end of an era” when Mourinho left

Six weeks into the 2007/08 season, Chelsea and Jose Mourinho ‘parted ways’ as the Blues website likes to call it, and the news quite literally rocked the footballing world.

The Portuguese Chelsea boss had lead a new era of success at Chelsea bringing the good times back to Stamford Bridge, along with success and silverware.

He had built up one hell of a squad and his Chelsea team was feared worldwide.

It was a shock when he was sacked, especially to the players who all adored Mourinho at this point and the team was like a family.

In fact, goalkeeper Petr Cech has revealed that he heard the news on the same night that he had been out with some of the players and Mourinho together, which left him physically unable to believe the news.

“What?! He was with us!” Cech told the Chelsea website on recalling that particular evening.

Cech called that moment ‘the end of an era’ and that’s exactly what it felt like to everyone involved in the club.

He continued:

“It felt strange. It was very unexpected.

“There was the documentary movie release in Fulham Broadway when we all went to the cinema with all the coaching staff. I got home and got a message saying the manager had left. “What?! He was with us!”

“It felt like the end of an era. The winning team started with Jose and his staff.

“We pretty much lost the title on goal difference, and then the Champions League final in a penalty shoot-out where we were so close.

“It was a very bitter end to the season.”

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