A clue as to when Chelsea will announce Enzo Fernandez deal with flight scheduled

Chelsea signed Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandez on transfer deadline day yesterday in what was one of the craziest transfer stories ever.

Chelsea had easily the best January transfer window on record and arguably even the best ever transfer window on record. They went crazy fast to push on this squad rebuild as they hope now for a push back up the Premier League table.

Re-live every single report and situation that happened for Chelsea on transfer deadline day!

Enzo was pursued by Chelsea all month and it always had a feeling of a deal that would get done, despite the negative reports on it throughout. Chelsea wanted their guy, and Chelsea got their guy.

Although, they have yet to officially announce the transfer, but that is expected to come pretty soon today.

In fact, a clue could be that Enzo is scheduled on a flight to London from Lisbon this morning at 10.20am, and you’d suspect he will then do some media and the announcement will follow shortly after that!

Obviously the below tweet is 8 hours old and any ‘concerns’ over paperwork soon disappeared with Benfica announcing the move themselves! (see below).

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