“People want anybody but you” – Graham Potter on rejection from Chelsea fans

Sky Sports have just shown a little pre-match feature where they interviewed Graham Potter and asked about how he was coping with the stress and the pressure of being Chelsea boss.

He stayed positive about the whole situation and wasn’t particularly fishing for compliments, but he did admitted that he felt that some fans were already determined that he wasn’t the man for them.

“Sometimes people want anybody but you,” the coach said. “You have to deal with that.”

It’s largely been a week where we feel sorry for Potter, hearing in his press conference about all the horrible abuse he’s got off the pitch. We’re praying that he gets a performance out of the team today, otherwise the criticism and the abuse are only going to increase.

There is certainly a sense that Potter is right, and that fans want “anyone” else – but he would have to accept that a large part of the reason for that are the historically poor results they’ve been getting.

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