(Video): “You don’t know anything about anything” – Graham Potter fires back at critics

Chelsea were done over when VAR missed a clear penalty for handball at the weekend – and many in the media were critical of how passive Graham Potter was in dealing with it.

He was asked about this in his press conference today, and he said it was just the way he liked to deal with things. He did however point out, in a cold tone, that anyone who thought he had made his way from the bottom of the 9th tier to the Champions League without getting angry didn’t know “anything about anything.”

The problem is that he’s illustrating the point perfectly – just a little conviction in his voice made all the difference!

You can see him speaking in the clip embedded here, this this quote coming after 8 minutes :

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  1. Folks who think a lack of outward emotion reflects an inner lack of passion, resolve, or determination are, in many cases, not very emotionally intelligent people! The fact that Potter isn’t ranting and raving on the sideline (and that he put this reporter in his place in a restrained, yet effective, way) says great things about the man, and the folks who doubt him have something to learn about leadership (namely, it doesn’t require wearing your emotions on your sleeve).

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