Chelsea star could fetch huge £55m fee despite contract situation – which is exactly why they should keep him

The Daily Mail have just dropped an exclusive which claims that Manchester United are interested in Mason Mount and will make a monster £55m bid for the Chelsea academy product to fend off interest from Arsenal and Liverpool.

That fee would be crazy simply because Mount has only a year left on his contract and doesn’t seem close to agreeing a new one.

Erik Ten Hag the Red Devils manager is apparently a huge fan of Mount, and will do anything to get him onboard. He has recommended to his board that the Chelsea man could be a key player to improve their team.

Do you know what it tells you if a bidding war is going on between top Premier League teams over a player with one year left on their contract, and could lead to them moving for more than £50m? It means they’re really good, and you should not consider selling them.

There’s some free advice for you, Todd and co.


  1. What a load of nonsense! As if “Todd & Co.” (as SuperFrank calls them) haven’t been trying to sign Mount to a new long-term contract for months, lol! But the part SuperFrank never wants to deal with, the elephant in the room, is that Mount’s demands are apparently well above what is reasonable for a player of his stature/track record. And if Chelsea lock him in on huge wages and he continues to play as poorly as he’s done since the new year, then where does that leave us—whatever the place, you can be sure SuperFrank would be moaning about it, lol!

    If you’re going to criticize the owners for overspending one minute and then demanding that they overspend the next by cow towing to Mount’s demands (without any discussion of how the latter might backfire) then you deserve to be called hypocrite. You’re a hypocrite, SuperFrank.

  2. No entiendo no es congruente, Havertz, sterling, Koulibali ganan el triple y tampoco han destacado, porque la injusticia y el trato diferente con los académicos?…

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