Chelsea think signing a midfielder is more important than signing a striker

Jacob Steinberg’s piece in The Guardian today is full of interesting snippets, with all manner of insight into one year of Todd Boehly’s ownership of Chelsea.

One part looks forward to this summer, with all the sales and incoming transfers on the table.

It’s noted that despite another year with a lack of a consistent goalscorer in the books, the board “regard signing a midfielder as more of a priority than a striker.”

That is truly astonishing given how much we’ve suffered in recent seasons from lacking a goal threat. We have not had a single player in our squad hit even 20 goals since Diego Costa left the club.

Game after game – including on Sunday in our last match of the season – we see good performances remain unconverted into 3 points, with pullbacks and crosses into the penalty box lacking a player to put them over the line.

How many more games do these owners want to watch like that before they realise it’s the most damaging thing to lack in a team – perhaps beside a competent goalkeeper, something else we lack by the way.  They may think that Christopher Nkunku is ready to fill that role, but we will need more than that.

Signing a midfielder is without doubt a major priority too, but given their main mistake last summer was thinking they could sneak through another season without a really solid option up top, we’d be astonished if they were prepared to make the same mistake again.


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  1. Oh No! At this point we need a striker more than a midfielder, because Kai Havert is not performing at all that’s why guys like Modrick,Jao,Enzo,and Hall( super boy)are trying to score from outside the 18 yards’ box, Mr Boehly SIR, consider a more fast, tactical,and ideas-holding striker.. PLEASE

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