(Image): Chelsea on the verge of 5 terrible records

After losing 4-1 to Manchester United at Old Trafford, Sky Sports pointed out that Chelsea are on the verge of a series of terrible all time worst records.

You can see the unwanted stats in the image above.

Some of them are the most significant stats of all – position, points, wins and goals. That’s just bread and butter.

The “games failed to score in” is a derivative of the goals, but also just shows how boring and disappointing a vast number of our games this season have been.

You never now, we could score 10 against Newcastle on Sunday and save ourselves from this slew of record lows and highs.

But losing 10-0 seems a lot more likely than winning 10-0 on the current evidence.

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  1. This is football – Chelsea after all the glory of the past 20 years had to have a bad one – one bad season is normal – 2 bad seasons in nearly 50 years is ok. This is my club and they will rise make no mistake – keep the faith Chelsea supporters.

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