(Video): Pundits now slams Todd Boehly just months after defending owner’s crazy spending

Simon Jordan was on TalkSport today tasked with summing up Todd Boehly and his Clearlake organisation’s first year in charge of Chelsea.

As you’d expect, he was pretty damning of the way the American headed consortium had swept in, spent unprecedented amounts of money, and made the team significantly worse.

It’s quite the change from his position back at the start of the season, where he defended the heavy spending claiming that these were exceptionally smart and financially literate people who were here to disrupt the sport’s existing models.

He even was one of the few to defend the decision to sack Thomas Tuchel – a call which has now been proved to be premature and costly beyond belief, and one that even those working with Boehly are now admitting was a mistake.

We know it’s Jordan’s job to be bombastic and news making – but it’s quite hilarious to see how he has u turned since defending Boehly’s every move back in the Autumn. He even tries to shift the blame for some of these decisions on to other people, without actually knowing who has done what.

You can see his take in the clip embedded here:

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