Declan Rice should come back into Chelsea’s thinking after Ugarte move collapses – opinion

There was about a two year stretch where Declan Rice’s move to Chelsea seemed inevitable. But after we didn’t make it happen last summer, our name has gradually faded from the rumour mill on that front, and it now seems like Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich are all considered favourites ahead of us.

It reached the point where we had picked an alternative in the form of Manuel Ugarte, and had gone pretty far down the road of signing him.

That move has now collapsed, and we’re back to square one. So why not take this chance to go or for Rice again? We fear from the Daily Mail that Man U are “struggling” with making the signing happen, and Bayern don’t seem totally convinced either.

He might simply rule us out because we’re not in the Champions League next season, but if his moves elsewhere are grinding to a halt, he may well pick us ahead of staying put for yet another season at West Ham.

If we continue to find an alterative to Ugarte and Rice can’t secure his desired move elsewhere in the next couple of weeks, don’t be surprised to see our name coming up time and again in these discussions.


  1. Don’t be stupid. He wants the CL and a club with integrity. Plastics need not apply. And so you know, he’d play for West Ham all day long over your outfit. Wouldn’t matter what you offer.

    1. What an absolute fool!! One bad season. You have them continually. He would rather play for Chelsea than an under performing shower of sh#t like West Ham!!

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