“Goodbye!” – Chelsea legend has message for any current players who don’t want to be here

Silly season is very much upon us now, and Chelsea are seemingly preparing deals left, right, and centre.

We are already seeing the rumours flying in and the drama heating up, and as we know, Chelsea are going to be one of the busiest clubs in this summer transfer window once again, just as they were in the last couple of windows.

They have a ton of players they could sell, and also some potential arrivals coming in the door as well.

We have been seeing plenty of current players linked with rival clubs recently, and also hearing rumours of some of these players wanting to leave and pushing to leave.

Well, Chelsea legend has a message for these players that he barks out loud and clear in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea FC column for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea this week!

And that is any player who wants to leave, simply, goodbye!

He said: “I don’t think it’s down to Chelsea to where they sell players to be honest. If they can get money from players then they have to get that from whoever will pay for them. They’re not responsible for that. But I understand fans who might be frustrated by players going to rival clubs.

“It’s not my feelings of football; you play for a club, you cheer the shirt, you kiss the badge, and two months after you sign for another club?

“If you’ve played three years for Chelsea and you were at the club last season when it was terrible and then you sign for Arsenal or United then you know what? Goodbye! They don’t want to try to resolve the problem, they just want to escape from it, and that I don’t like. I have respect for those players, especially Mount, but I don’t understand why he would go from Chelsea to United. That’s my view.”

Very well said, Frank!


  1. I’m assuming it’s Frank Lampard the man who walked out to Join City for a bigger salary and lied about it. Despite his bs he was offered a better deal and signed direct for 12 months not in loan from New York. That having sworn he would never sign for another’ EPL club. One Terry, Drogba and Ashley Cole made and kept

  2. If he really love Chelsea FC , he should stay for the club like recce James done . Those player’s don’t want to stay and fight for the club , they can leave and good luck to their future career. My hope for Chelsea FC is get the right player that has love for the club . Sign elite player with skills pedigree but not as expensive. Use young players from the academy and make them elite player. Teach them to be humble not lover of money . Webster Rankine Humphrey colwill are ready to be part of the first team . Burstow (striker) sturgge (left footed midfield ) those are some of the academy players are has to given first team . Hope poch keep looking on academy players to be promoted to first team .mix them with elite players with much experience. The club will save more fund . I hope this coming season will be a success and win the EPL FA cup and league cup . Get a new CB , new CM atleast 2 Cm and perfect Striker to win the club trophies and let club back to UCL . Good luck to Chelsea FC the club that I support and love .

  3. Rats deserting a sinking ship. If we were in Europe next season Im sure mount wouldnt even consider it. All I can say to mount, Haevertz and Kovacic is good luck and good riddance””

  4. Anyone who feels he wants to go is free to do that without any rancur,we are the fan’s and we are with the club no matter what happens last season

  5. Supper lumpard! before you retired you played with city and scored against your club that never done by terry, drogba, cole and Mount is also your successor who hasn’t Blue’s love. let him Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    1. here, here. I can spot a true blue a mile off and looks like Mason def ISN’T one! So begone

  6. I was so amazed seeing some childhood chelsea fc players fighting hard to leave the club. But they were there, putting the club into mess and after the mess, they want to leave the mess for the good sheep who are ready to fight for Chelsea fc badge.
    Recall that, the same will be done to those club inviting them because they have shown to be a bad sheep by example!
    Kudos to Reece, Tiago, Ben amid others, a good example of a good sheep!

  7. l like this kind of comments especially about m mount all what is thinking is about money then let him go and receive what he want, we need player that love the club and ready to give everything for the fans someone like James and let give our young players opportunity to prove there self

  8. Problem now days is MONEY. Unlikely to get once again players that love C.F.C, and would die for the club. Who can ever forget the likes of — CHECH, TERRY, IVANOVICH, COLE (A+J), LAMPARD, WISE,VIALLE, LUIS, CAHILL, ZOLA,and of course —-DROGBA, also many others like CHOPPER, but today, too many over paid pansies Such a shame.

  9. I love Mason Mount and I love him very, very much but his decision of joining Manchester united hmmmm truly speaking to me he is now going like Judas Iscariot.

  10. Mason Mount is joining manchester united because he has not gotten enough playing time last season, how sure he is that he will get much time to play at M.U.N ? Let him go he does,t like CFC but he like,s money he will regrate for living CFC.

  11. First things first, all of you guys commenting should learn to properly read.. cos it clearly reads Frank Leboeuf

  12. @graham Lampard is not one of true blue bloods. He played for Chelsea and later sign for Manchester. Both Mount and Lampard are the same right now, let them go, we don’t need people like them at Chelsea.

  13. What super FRANKY said he was right,I supported him percent,let them go if they don’t want stay, because if you denied them not go,is another trouble,they can’t play games well,as needed ok,
    Long live.
    Long the blues.

  14. Let’s set those who are not ready to fight the team free because they are money minded not their profile. I believe we shall true blue blood who can fight and die for them @Nicholas Opolot of uganda (Africa) I believe most of them regret after.

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