One piece of good news and one piece of bad news from latest Madrid report on Benzema replacements

ESPN‘s report on Real Madrid’s hunt for a Karim Benzema replacement has some good news and some bad news for Chelsea fans who are keen to see the club sell Kai Havertz to their Spanish equivalents.

Alex Kirkland – who used to work for Real Madrid TV – and Rodrigo Faez have written up a story which claims that there are concerns at the Spanish champions over Harry Kane’s age. He’s the number one choice, but given the extreme cost to buy him, may be considered too close to the end of his career by those making the decisions in Madrid.

That’s good news for Chelsea fans who will point to the far younger Havertz as a better option if that’s their concern. Cheaper and younger – you can see the appeal.

The bad news isn’t something that is said – in fact it’s the absence of something which is eyebrown raising.

While all the other insiders today are putting forward Havertz as perhaps Kane’s top alternative for Los Blancos, this piece from two very well connected men in Madrid only mentions him very briefly. They note that Roberto Firmino is also available, and he would cost nothing given his contract has expired.

If Kane and Havertz look too expensive and Madrid just want a stop gap player for a year, Firmino looks a great choice, especially with his style of play and how he could link up with fellow Brazilians Rodrygo and Vinicius.

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  1. I’m mystified as to why anyone is talking about Havertz as a suitable #9 for Real Madrid, least of all SuperFrank who has (rightly) pointed out repeatedly how much Havertz left to be desired while deployed in that role for Chelsea. It’s so absurd it’s laughable.

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