What Raheem Sterling will have to do to earn his £300,000 a week – it’s almost impossible

Raheem Sterling’s wages are a point of contention in the Chelsea dressing room, according to a story in the Daily Mail last night.

They claim the winger is on an insane £300,000 a week, and if that’s true we’re not surprised there are some players thinking they deserve more. But they should look at their own performances over the last 12 months too. Sterling was pretty poor in many games but so were they.

Sterling certainly has it all to prove this year. He should be happy with a new manager, given that can only mean fresh ideas to take him away from the bad times of last year where he really struggled to look any good at times.

If he’s up for an intense preseason with Pochettino and can settle into a new look side well we could hope for big improvements this year.

But 300 grand a week is Mbappe money, and Sterling will have to do Mbappe numbers to justify it. Unless he gets double digits for goals and assists, which is a huge achievement in the Premier League, he can’t complain if his teammate think he’s overpaid.

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