What Enzo can do to raise his game to the same level as some former Chelsea heroes

Axel Disasi played with Cesc Fabregas in Monaco as the former Chelsea man was coming to the end of his career, so he’s a great man to make a comparison.

Speaking to Capital Football in an exclusive interview, Disasi had some interesting thoughts about the comparison between the two:

“Cesc was a player who gave me many tips of how to play at the top level thanks to the experience he had,” the defender explained.

“To daily train with a player of his magnitude was beneficial and it gave the whole squad a huge lift. He didn’t necessarily [talk about Chelsea] but more generally about football at the top level instead. Whenever we had any questions we could go to him and ask them.

“Enzo Fernandez can reach Fabregas’s level. He is a player who has great quality, is still young and has the whole future ahead of him. So of course, he can.”

We were just thinking about this comparison the other day in fact. Cesc Fabregas had a weight of pass and a speed of thought that few others will ever match. Enzo is a great long passer, but not on Fabregas’ level just yet.

What Enzo still has is that little bit more speed and tenacity. He doesn’t always show it, but he can contribute more defensively and in pressing than Fabregas could, especially later in his career.

It’s going to be a joy watching Enzo develop, hopefully for years to come.

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