Chelsea players will get “less than a day’s wages” from £500,000 Carabao Cup bonus if they win

Chelsea’s new owners have spent vast amount on transfer fees, but one of their justifications for their total refresh of the squad is that they wanted to bring down the wage bill.

We had heard that this was because the long contracts signed by some of these young stars would be heavily incentivised with bonuses, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least with regards to the Carabao Cup.

An exclusive in the Daily Mail claims that the entire squad will be given a bonus payment of £500,000 to be split between the whole squad should they beat Liverpool on Sunday. In comparison, Manchester United had a bonus of £1.6m a year ago when they beat Newcastle.

The Mail do the maths and work out that if the £500k is split between the whole squad, they will be due £20,000 each. A crazy amount for most people, but less than a day’s wages for the majority in the squad.

We’re sure they will be motivated anyway, and trophies are worth a lot to them beyond the bonus, but it’s another interesting comparison to the Roman Abramovich years.

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