New Chelsea appointment will be in charge of getting NFL games and monster trucks to new stadium in 2030

Chelsea fans hoping for big personnel changes at the club today were likely expecting to see Mauricio Pochettino given the boot. Instead, there’s been an addition upstairs. Todd Kline has joined the club in an as yet unnamed “senior business role” from Spurs, and will start work once he has completed a period of gardening leave.

Ben Jacobs has added some detail to the story as the day has gone on. Kline will be part of the club’s “leadership team” and it looks like his main work will come on the stadium. Chelsea want him to focus on “non football income,” which probably means something similar to what Spurs have done with their stadium: music concerts, NFL games, monster truck rallies etc.

Jacobs claims that this will all be taking place after 2030 when a new stadium is functional. That seems a huge assumption to make on the evidence of the last few years.


  1. As ever, SuperFrank can’t just simply report the news without taking petty shots at the club. The biting sarcasm is as unbecoming as it is old.

  2. The new owner is all about business . How about ambition of become champion of premier league , champion of UCL , champion of FA Cup and become dominant of football sport in the world . Good income coming but success in the field must . To the owner of the club we supporter not only to support this team , we invest too . Buying merchandise and so on . We want success and enjoy seeing the club champion and competitive . Sporting director member of the board stop your vision of long term future must concentrate on daily basis of success to put on the pitch that is the long term future . No problem of buying young talents of players but it must have balance . Experience quality skillful player ‘ s must needed too to guide the younger generation . Acquire free agent players with quality to apiece ffp . Flick/ Mou/ Conte they’re free agent quality manager coach that can replace the current manager. Though John Terry should be part of first team coach . Ashley cole too . Lampard can be a director of football . . I see that a good future for Chelsea FC if that happen . Success will come, winning after winning . God bless Chelsea FC .

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