Another manager says Chelsea have got “better and better” – but we all know why

If you believed every manager who comes up against Chelsea, you’d think we were top of the league and flying.

Every coach points out that we’ve actually been unlucky this season, that we’ve not had as many points as we deserve, and that we’ve improved a lot since the start of the campaign. Most Chelsea fans would beg to differ.

It’s obviously why they do it – they’re not going to sit there and give their players the green light to become complacent. But they must also believe it, to a degree.

Eddie Howe’s presser today was full of praise ahead of his team’s meeting with the Blues on Monday night.

“Chelsea have definitely improved throughout the season, they have got better and better, they have top quality players and an outstanding manager. We know it will be a very difficult game against a team that is dangerous, but as always, the focus is on us.”

Is it all a bluff or does he mean it? He said similar things back before Christmas, before his Magpies blew us away at St James’ Park. Playing at home will be easier for us – we wonder if that will be enough to change the result?


  1. Well, it happens to be true. There are an awful lot of fans whose knowledge is so basic that they can’t ever see past the score line, but there’s no denying the improvement.

  2. You cannot have meaningful improvement with double digit injuries week in week out. Compound that with players being asked to play out of position and extremely poor substitutions by the manager means we are where we are.

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