Chelsea fan ‘civil war’ only adding fuel to the fire regardless of opinion

There is a headline going around today that is really not helping things for Chelsea in the slightest and if anything, is just adding fuel to a toxic fire.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust made the news last week by hitting out at co-owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali and warning them that they risk the threat of “irreversible toxicity” if the situation at Stamford Bridge does not improve.

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This week, The Chelsea Fan Board have responded, and the two statements are being called a Chelsea fan ‘civil war’ by The Evening Standard headlines and other media outlets.

The FAB have criticised the letter sent by CST, and have put their own statement out.

The statement said: “We don’t recognise the suggestion that fans are not being involved in the future of the club. This goes directly against our experience. So we wanted to set the record straight.

“Supporters are able to contact the FAB board members directly via the club website and the FAB hold regular in-person drop-in sessions at Stamford Bridge.”

It’s all well and good these fan groups putting out their statements and such, but this is only leading to more toxicity around the club and it’s just unnecessary right now.

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  1. What are these fans hoping to accomplish? At some point you have to take the name “supporter” seriously and start actually supporting something. This lot doesn’t seem to be happy unless they’re venting their spleen! And now it’s reaching the point where it’s hurting the club. The constant deluge of vitriol aimed at the owners, the manager and, at times, individual players, is not only going to begin affecting the play on the field, but it could start to hurt our ability to recruit top talent. Enough is enough with the petulant hissy fit. Grow up and back this group or go find another club to “support!”

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